Never under estimate the power of S&C!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Never under estimate the power of S&C! When it comes to S&C, as coaches we are often so focused on bettering players that we sometimes forget that effective S&C also prevents injury, and serious injury... there is often so little time for prehab and specific strengthening work that we leave it up to the players to do individually, because during sessions you have other stuff to focus on. When I arrived in the off season 2 years ago, I changed the entire rugby program's focus to 1st things 1st: Our players has to be strong enough to play the game, then we can play the game. So in the past 2 years an enormous amount of coaching time also went into position specific s&c, and in this case - neck strengthening. One puts in all the work, and because the focus is so great on bettering players and having a good season, the quality of your work (in the rugby world) is usually measured by winning or loosing. We forget that preventing injury in an incident like this, is also a win. This happened in the league finals,14 min in, our player got up, got checked, and finished the game without a scratch. He lifted the trophy with us in the end. The ref awarded a scrum for the knock. Despite that, the s&c of the past 2 years proved life saving, and an absolute must! #rugby #coaching #S&C

#rugby #coaching #S&C

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