Coaching the coach is all about empowering coaches and giving you access to the professional way of doing things, enabling you to coach like a pro!

There is a lot of rugby content out there available at the click of a button. Having access to rugby specific content is a must for any coach. But, keep in mind, that that content was created for a specific team playing at a specific level. To copy and use content will mean you will have to tweak and adjust it so that it fits your system. Relying on someone else's content is not an effective way of coaching. A sustainable coach is an effective coach.

Why rely on someone else's content if you can create your own?

In the Coaching the Coach units I up skill coaches and give them the necessary tools, structures, processes, concepts and methodology to create their own content, to be an authentic coach, to become the best coach that they can be. 

The Coach the Coach program is based on the fishing concept of Lao Tzu

Rather than giving you a fish, I am showing you how to fish, and I am showing you how to do it like a pro!

Units that are covered:

Creating a Personal Coaching Profile

Player profiling - the basics

Selection Criteria and Processes

Team Profiling

Building game profiles

Developing patterns of play

Periodized season planning

An effective coaching diary

Creating game models

Effective match day protocols

Creating a team culture

Drills - create your own

Analysis - the Ins and Outs

Outcome based Strength & Conditioning

High performance mindset - 3D Coaching

And much more

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